Maripat Robison

Maripat Robison

Sep 26, 2013

Can't Pass This

Ten Ways To Know You Are Following Your Spouse's Car

  The car shoots out into traffic, leaving you no clear opening for the next 10 cars.

  The car runs a yellow light and you are stuck with the red.

  You decide the number of cars between you is the number of weeks before you have sex again.

  You start to count how many times the car drifts across the center line, and also the shoulder.

  You find yourself estimating how closely the car is tailgating the person in front of them. 

  You mentally shout, "Stop tailgating!" 

  The car changes lanes and there's no room for you to do the same.

  You are embarrassed that the car stays in the passing lane, even though it's causing a backup.

  You shout out loud, "Get over, some one's trying to pass," but nothing happens.

  As soon as you can, you step on the gas and pass the car to demonstrate how to drive correctly.

Sep 22, 2013

Den Mother Dies

This is dedicated to Carolyn Cassady, who died Friday night. Quoting Brian Hassett, she was "The den mother to the entire Beat Generation." Jack Kerouac followed Neal and Carolyn to San Francisco, and the rest is... well, the rest.

I saw the soul of
San Francisco
at the Beat Museum
deep roots of
unapproved thought
dusty soldiers hijacked
by pseudo societies
silenced by full bellies 
and treadmill-wearied brains.

Now amoral consciences
step over bodies
on the street 
pursuing nothing of value
as priceless currency.