Maripat Robison

Maripat Robison

Aug 11, 2013

A Gift For You

A few weeks back, John came home with a huge pile of books. This is what happened next.

“I got you some treats!”
“Yep, you’re really gonna like them.”
 “I will?”
“You’ll see.”
“All right.”
“Take a look.”
“All these books?”
“Yes, I got them for you.”
“Really, for me?”
“Every last one.”
“Thanks, that’s really nice.”
“First, there’s The Zeppelin In Combat.’  You’re gonna enjoy it.”
“I am?”
“Uh huh, and here’s The Big Red Train,’ about the Trans-Siberian Railway.”
“The Trans-Siberian Railway?”
“Yep – Secret Firearms, An Illustrated History Of Miniature And Concealed Handguns.”
‘Hull Down,’ about the White Star Line transport service during the war.”
“I’m seeing a war theme here.”
“No, not really.”
“Seems like it.”
“Just wait…ok, A Complete History of Lives And Robberies of the Most Notorious Highwaymen.”
“No war theme after all.”
“I told you that.”
“What’s next?”
“This is a really good one: A Complete History Of The Most Eminent Cheats And Scoundrels Of Both Sexes.”
“Both sexes?”
“That’s right, both. These are not sexist books.”
“I see. John, I think these are really books for you.”
“They are not.”
“Shouldn’t you just say thank you?”
“OK, thank you.”
“You’re welcome. Mind if I take this one?”


  1. Ha! Sounds so familiar. Have you finished reading them all yet? lol

  2. LOL....kinda of reminds me of a cat laying a dead bird at the back door. You mean you don't REALLY love this????

  3. My asperger's husband also has the challenge of having had a stroke, Thanksgiving week of 2010, that led to the scans showing scars of several other strokes in his past. He was found to have a PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) between the pumping chambers of his heart, which pooled blood and every once in a while, a pin dot of a blood clot would break out and go to his brain. It was repaired, when 2 months after what would be that last stroke, he was found to need quad bypass surgery, and as he describes it, they fixed the hole while they had the hood up.
    We have only been together since 2004, so I didn't know what an exciting life I would be having, but he's my geek, and I love him.
    He is now getting ready for a military mission, far away, and I will probably not hear from him until he is back on land, which may be 4-5 weeks.
    Could I borrow "Secret Firearms, An Illustrated History Of Miniature And Concealed Handguns." I think I'm going to need something to read until he gets back home. ;-)

  4. giggling out loud. I too, am married to an Aspergian who has bestowed many of these "gifts" to me as well.

  5. ha! classic. thanks for the smile. :)

  6. SO funny... And so familiar. Reminds me of countless tangents from various conversations always leading into something math, fantasy baseball, and the old days.

  7. Miniature and Concealed Handguns sounds interesting. That dialogue you shared is hilarious. Life is full of mirth when you use the right lens. (Bridgit)

  8. Wonderful! My nerd husband actually asked me to start buying my own birthday and xmas gifts. And then he wrappes them.

  9. Maripat, I am giggling as I am reading this. My husband loves reading books or watching documentaries that I have absolutely no interest in...and then proceeds to tell me about them from start to finish in great detail, as if somehow by him telling me the story I would suddenly find interest in Mayan ship building, Black Holes, or long lost ancient Egyptian artifacts! xo

  10. thanks for sharing this! My husband gives me all kind of sporty stuff (I kind of hate sports and he loves any sport, altough he will correct me saying, well not ALL! ) And than I should be very thankfull, for else he will never bey me anything evermore. so for 10 years now, I (how Dutch) drive my ugly boring bike and am longing for a lovely romantic one with a basket and flowers... but , hey its the most sensible bike in the land, so it will never get stuck or need replacement. ;-)

  11. Still, much better than a vacuum cleaner or dishwasher. At least you have choices here!

  12. I will trade you a couple to borrow for either my "Nightstalker" or "Kung Fu" box sets! ;)


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