Maripat Robison

Maripat Robison

Aug 4, 2013

Eaten By A Bear

After one of John's speaking events, a kid (probably seven or eight years old) went up to him and said,  "When I grow up, I'm going to just as big and fat as you!" Without missing a beat, John shot back,"No you won't, because YOU are going to be eaten by a bear!"


  1. Yes you always know exactly where you stand with them - even if it is in the stomach of a bear.

  2. Jean Sunell8/5/13, 8:11 AM

    OMG I remember that story. LMAO!

  3. my Grandson is Apergers and also blunt and it is usually the truth...whether the truth truth or his truth..
    And he is also smart as a whip...
    you seem to understand John and love him at the same time...not easy for some..
    My husband has never been diagnosed but I believe after watching him and our grandson relate I have diagnosed him myself...makes life a whole lot easier...

  4. As a Surf Lifesaver I was assisting a very small child learning about the surf. As the very nervous Mum watched her baby negotiate the waves for the very first time, one of our senior guys joined the Mum I thought, to calm her down. Instead he tells her "Don't worry love, If you lose this one you're still young enough to have another."

  5. Frank Jordan IV2/7/14, 8:51 AM

    Hah, how'd the kid react? I don't think that John realized that he was being given a compliment. Just means he can carry more cement, right?


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